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Install info;
Download the 2.5 Alpha.7z and extract firetowertrail.vpk to
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons\PUT FILE HERE IF YOU LIKE TO BE ORGINIZED
Note: You should not need to restart L4D2.
From there you should be able to join a game or make one with the Firetower campaign. However, there is a small chance you will have to go to Extra's in the main menu of L4D2. And then go to Addons and enable the Firetower campaign.
After that it's simple, Either your a gamer and your directions are to ignore errors and have fun with it. Or you are a constructive person, in which case your directions are to make the most detailed report of every nit gritty thing you can think of, then become a member of the type 3 forums, and tell me all about it. :-)

Version 1.2 has the origenal campaign all in 1 map. It's availible to DL purly because of how interesting and challengeing the gameplay was with all 4 maps as one. So it is somthing for you and your friends to try out of you like the latest version. However I still need to fix one problem with it.... the peoblem is you can have only 1 version of the campaign at a time.

Feel free to join in the type 3 forums and start up a;

Dude, here are awesome pictures and comments on every bug I could possibly find in the campaign. I'm not saying it sucked or anything man, just like "here is stuff I cought that you might not know about yet." :-)

Or just stick around the forums to see what else is going on. Note: You can click the images.

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L4D2 Campaign

Version 2.5 Alpha image missing again Version 2.4 image missing again Version 2.0 image missing again Version 1.2 image missing again
Welcome to my L4D2 Campaign page. I'm not alltogeather sure how I'm going to set it all up, but here is how it is for now. I hope that it is easy to understand and use. :-)