HPB pack.

Alright to start we have the HPB texture pack. A package built for one of the many projects I have that is not ready for a release. So, at least I can release the textures to anyone who would like them. Here is a pic of the textures included in the HPB pack.image missing I guess


Kinda useless unless your trying to build a mod. But this is a pack of placeholders so you can kinda say "This is what I plan to put here."
Specifically this pack was built for if you were... say, applying for a position in the Black Mesa mod, or the remake of opposing force, and they asked you to build a test map. image missing I guess

Winter pack.

It's one of my ongoing projects that I havent gotten back to for a while, so I suppose there will be a version 2 or 3.... somday. But here is what I've made so far. It's got a nice set of blend textures, some cool glass, decals. And has a 40% reskined gm_Forest pack. So it will over wright your green skins for gm_Forest and replace about 40% with winterized skins. So remember to back that up.
The following are some pics out of a map I am building that uses this pack. (Actually this map is why I built the pack haha.) image missing I guess image missing I guess
HPB pack. image missing again Placeholder pack. image missing again Winter pack. image missing again